A Tip from Padre Pio

An ongoing thread woven through The Marian Room are tips from the spiritual masters; such as the saints, Church Fathers, popes, Doctors of the Church, and priests. Today, we hear from, again, St. Padre Pio (b. 1887- d. 1968).

St. Pio wrote many letters to those he assisted in the spiritual life, and if he could, jump out of heaven right now, he might say this to us as we go about our day:

“Try your best, without excessive anxiety to do with perfection what you ought and what you would like to do. Once you have done something, however, do not think about it anymore. Instead, think only about what you still must do, or would like to do, or are doing right then. Walk in the ways of the Lord with simplicity, and do not torment yourselves. You should despise your shortcomings but with calm rather than with anxiety and restlessness. For that reason, be patient about them and learn to benefit from them in holy self-abasement….

God wants to speak to you through the thorns, the burning bush, the clouds, the lightning, as he did with Moses, but we prefer him to speak to us through a sweet, gentle breeze as he did with Elijah. But what do you fear? Listen to Our Lord as he speaks to Abraham as well as to us: ‘Fear not,… I am your shield’ [Genesis 15:1].”

-Padre Pio

St. Padre Pio, pray for us, the Church Militant.

Have a good day!