Art and Time

“God is eternal. Human life is temporal. In Christ those two meet, and the artist has to try to present both.”  ~Dr. Chloe Reddaway

The following is a link to a delightful seven minute mini-instruction from Dr. Chloe Reddaway of The National Gallery (London) on the depiction of time in Christian art. As the opening quote (above), lifted from the instruction, notes: God is eternal, yet the Incarnation of Christ occurred at a specific moment in time; and the Catholic artist, steeped as he was in the Faith, had the task of presenting this mysterious relationship between eternity, and the temporal human sphere in which Our Lord lived (paraphrase). I stumbled upon this video last week, and think you will find it as interesting, as I did. If you are a Marian Room email subscriber, and are not able to open the video link in your email, you may open it by going to the blog post itself, and clicking the link to the video which you will find there.