August 14: St. Maximilian Kolbe

Today the Church remembers the martyred Polish Franciscan priest of Auschwitz, St. Maximilian Kolbe.

Fr. Kolbe loved the Blessed Virgin Mary, and spent his entire life in her service as her knight. Militaristic from childhood, he developed a spiritual military of knights of both sexes, of all backgrounds and occupations, who give themselves in service to the Immaculata, Mary. This group (or association) is known as the Militia Immaculata. Information on the MI (as it is known) may be found here. Information on how to become a member of the MI may be found at the same website.

I am currently reading a biography of St. Maximilian which is titled,  A Twice-Crowned Knight.  It was written in 1952 by Maria Winowska, and it is quite good. I also like The Death Camp Proved Him Real. This, too, was written by Winowska, but is a collection of vignettes, and firsthand accounts, by those who knew Fr. Kolbe.

Fr. Peter Fehlner was an expert on the life, and teachings, of St. Maximilian Kolbe, and here is a link to a brief video of Fr. Fehlner speaking of St. Maximilian, and his relation to Fatima: link

St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.