Benedictine Monks Today

Today, on the First Friday of the month, I am linking to a documentary on the life of the Benedictine monks of the Le Barroux Abbey in France. The film is titled, Watchmen of the Night, and I think you will find it, as I did, to be quite beautiful. I particularly liked the portion of the film which documents a ceremony where a new monk is given the black habit, and is given a new name: the black habit and new name signify death to the world, and the start of a new life with God. In today’s world, it is edifying to know that there are watchmen of the night who are praying for the Church, for the world; for you, and for me. So, without further ado, Watchmen of the Night (if the link, below, does not work, you may find it here): 

May you have a good First Friday, and First Saturday.


~Image: statue of St. Benedict located in Virginia.