Bunny Williams: Home Life

Sometimes we all need a little Bunny Williams to remind us that a home does matter. Women who care about their homes, yes, housewives, are often denigrated in today’s world, but caring for a home, decorating, is a form of art.

Creating beauty in your surroundings brings life to your loved ones. Even if you are a bachelor, you can add beauty to your environment by shopping for a piece of art that you love, or finding that perfect comfortable chair. I love that Bunny often features well-loved (aka, what the moderns would deem, shabby) sofas, and chairs. This shabbiness works in perfectly with the damage caused by one Kitty Fischer, or a van load of children; all such sorts who seem to wish to add a worn patina to furniture, and walls; Bunny notes that such patina gives the sense that life is lived in the home.

So, watch a little Bunny, embrace the patina and get inspired:





Have a good day, and weekend.


•More on the work of Bunny Williams, link.