Caryll Houselander in May

The month of May continues, and, today, I am posting a short excerpt from The Reed of God which was written by the English Catholic writer, Caryll Houselander (b. 1901- d. 1954). The topic of The Reed of God is the Blessed Virgin Mary, as is, the topic of this excerpt:

“She is not wearied with our littleness; her smile comes down to us like a benediction through the sea of flickering candles, and she blesses our wild flowers withering at her feet. For each one of us is “another Christ”; each one, to Mary, is her only child. It is therefore not tedious to her to hear the trifles that we tell her, to look at the bruises that we bring to her, and seeing our wound of sin, to heal it.”

Her smile comes down to us like a benediction…


May you have a good day as the smile of Mary comes down to you like a benediction…