Catholic Tips on Prayer

For today, I am linking to the Dan and Stephanie Burke podcast at the Spiritual Direction website; particularly to one sample of this podcast which I think The Marian Room readers will find informative. This particular podcast is titled What is Prayer from the Heart? Q and A Show. 

Dan and Stephanie Burke are producing simple to understand material on prayer, imbued with Catholic tradition. The material is helpful for those experienced in prayer, and for those who are just beginning to pray. It can often seem daunting to begin a life of prayer, but through the Burke’s instructions, prayer becomes accessible for all of us, no matter our state in life, or educational backgrounds, etc. The content is free.

The podcast which I mentioned (above) may be watched here:

More podcasts may be found on their homepage, here. Dan Burke has published several books which he mentions near the end of the podcast.

May you have a good day, the feast of St. Peter Canisius, saint and Doctor of the Church.