Catholic Tradition in Advent

“We are to regard existence as a raid or great adventure; it is to be judged, therefore, not by what calamities it encounters, but by what flag it follows and what high town it assaults. The most dangerous thing in the world is to be alive; one is always in danger of one’s life. But anyone who shrinks from that is a traitor to the great scheme and experiment of being.” ~G.K. Chesterton

It is December the 9th, and Advent continues its onward advance under the flag of Christendom with its associated customs and activities. The Marian Room contributors have been busy with family and friends; yes, Catholic culture is alive and well. Today, I am posting a slew of pictures of Catholic happenings which occurred over the weekend. I hope you had a lovely feast of the Immaculate Conception, and stand in the remains of its glow for some time. I think you will. But, without further ado, Catholic culture in Advent:

A newly married couple displays their manger scene in Texas.


A father assists with Christmas tree decorating.


Children receive a visit from St. Nicholas on his feast day, December 6.


A cherished Infant Christ statue spotted at a Catholic school.


The dawn snapped from a moving car on the morning of the Immaculate Conception, Midwest USA.


A newly inducted member of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers was given this pin as a sign of her membership in this Catholic association on 12/7 (to start a group at your parish, see the Confraternity web site, here).


Members of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers at prayer.


Children enjoy a Christmas parade.


St. Nick, aka, Santa Claus prepares to deliver gifts.


Spotted: home decor of flowers and the Sacred Heart.


More of the Christmas parade.


A visit with Santa Claus.


A family puts out shoes to receive a gift from St. Nick on his feast day of December 6.


A family sings together.


A wreath at sunrise.


A family prepares for Christmas.


A town Christmas tree lighting.


Yes, Catholic culture is alive today.

May you have a good day.


~Image, top: Immaculate Conception cake set before an Advent wreath.