Dr. Conrad Baars: Doctor of the Heart

Today, I am linking to a Patrick Coffin podcast, wherein Coffin interviews Dr. Suzanne Baars, PhD, the daughter of the Dutch Catholic psychiatrist, Dr. Conrad Baars, M.D. (b. 1919- d. 1981). Dr. Suzanne Baars has made it her mission to continue the work of her late father, Dr. Conrad Baars, a Doctor of the Heart. Dr. Conrad Baars is known for his integration of Thomistic philosophy into psychiatry, developing, in conjunction with Dr. Anna Terruwe, M.D., what is known as the Thomistic based Affirmation Therapy. The podcast begins with a brief outline of the fascinating life of Dr. C Baars. I think you will find the entire interview to be most informative.

The title of the podcast leads one to think the entire conversation will be about current problems in the priesthood, but it is much more, as in, around minute 31 (and following), Dr. Suzanne Baars discusses an issue I brought up last week: the lack of leisure in our age; in particular, in American family life. The books of Dr. Conrad Baars, including his autobiography, Doctor of the Heart, may be found here.

May you have a good day! ~SCF

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