Epiphany Continues

The season of Epiphany continues in the Church; and, today, I am posting a prayer written by Dom Prosper Gueranger (b. 1805- d. 1875) for this season. It is instructive and laden with Catholic Tradition and thought. The prayer now follows:

Dear Jesus! We, also, are following you. We are walking in your light, for you have said in the Prophecy of your beloved Disciple: “I am the bright and morning Star” (Apocalypse xxii. 16). The meteor that guides the Magi is but thy symbol, divine Star! You are the morning Star, for your birth proclaims that the darkness of error and sin is at an end. You are the morning Star, for, after submitting to death and the tomb, you will suddenly arise from that night of humiliation to the bright morning of your glorious Resurrection. You are the morning Star for, by your birth and the Mysteries which are to follow, you announce to us the cloudless day of eternity. May your light ever beam upon us! May we, like the Magi, be obedient to its guidance and ready to leave all things in order to follow it! We were sitting in darkness when you called us to your grace by making this your light shine on us. We were fond of our darkness, and you gave us a love for the Light! Dear Jesus! keep up this love within us. Let not sin, which is darkness, ever approach us. Preserve us from the delusion of a false conscience. Avert from us that blindness into which fell the City of Jerusalem and her king, and which prevented them from seeing the Star. May your Star guide us through life, and bring us to you, our King, our Peace, our Love!

We salute you, too, Mary, Star of the Sea that shines on the waters of this life, giving calm and protection to your tempest-tossed children who invoke you! You prayed for the Magi as they traversed the desert: guide also our steps, and bring us to Him who is your child and your Light eternal.


May you have a good day.


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