Farewell to Modern Chick Flicks

By Christen Marian

“Purity prepares the soul for love, and love confirms the soul in purity.”
–John Henry Cardinal Newman (b. 1801- d. 1890)

Good morning, dear readers. I sit in quiet sadness as I finished watching Netflix’s popular chick flick, The Last Summer. It tells the story of high school graduates as they prepare for college, and is geared towards the heartstrings of women viewers. I will spare you the details of the movie. In all, I was entertained by the story, but I was quite shocked by its overt sexual themes. According to this film, everyone in high school has premarital intercourse. What? Let me repeat, in high school. Growing up in the 90’s with movies such as Clueless, I was accustomed to implied sexual promiscuity; but this movie went to an entirely different level.

Can our teenagers no longer be entertained by the latest romantic comedies?

If we are to guard their purity, I say no.

Catholics must fight for purity, which means we must build and maintain a Catholic culture. How can we form and guard the innocent minds of our children? First and foremost, we must build a faith-centered, Marian foundation in our homes. Second, we must educate our children, and not rely on teachers in schools to do the work. Our children will learn through our actions. Thirdly, there must be frequent attendance of the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Confession; and a daily Rosary.

After watching this film, I can no longer rest easy with simply fast forwarding inappropriate scenes. I can no longer support a film that reduces intimacy to animalistic behavior. Our body is sacred. God, out of His goodness, willed our existence on this earth. He gave us one body with an intellect. We are responsible for everything that we allow to deliberately darken it.

Do not be afraid. With grace, your journey through this world can be joy-filled. Each day, your decisions bring you closer to heaven or hell. What will you choose this day?

I choose to avoid chick flicks until they present the Catholic view of love.

So, for today, I wish them farewell.