Fatima and Communisim

“The world really is what it ought to be, an ante-chamber of heaven, when Mary is accepted as the Maternal Mediatrix…You may have prosperity in the United States, but if Our Lady is absent, if Christ is absent, it is a gulag. You have no freedom. You are a slave of the prince of this world.”  Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, Franciscan Mariologist

One of the best of Fr. Peter Fehlner’s seven minute conferences discusses Fatima vs. Communism. The quote (above) is from this video. It is worth watching: Fatima vs. Communism.

Fr. Fehlner was laid to rest on May 11, 2018.

May the soul of Fr. Fehlner R.I.P.



Additional reading: Fr. John Hardon discusses and details who is the prince of this world, link