Heaven as Home

Amidst the pain and suffering of life, and even in the good times, when we might slip into a mode of forgetting about the Last Things, it is good to remember that this world is not our home. Literature and music have historically reminded us of this truth.

Jesus said, in his Farewell Discourse to his disciples, that he was leaving them to prepare a place for them in heaven. That is comforting, but we must remember that he also said, that those who love him (his disciples) keep the Commandments. If we have broken the Commandments, we can make a good Confession.  Our Lord, in his great kindness and love, gave us this glorious sacrament so that we might easily return to him and love him more. This sacrament is discreet and private (we may confess from behind the screen). It is wonderful to speak freely to the priest who is a “spiritual doctor” and sits as Christ to heal and restore.

Since Vatican II, there are certain elements within the Church that make sweeping statements such as “all are going to heaven”. This is contrary to Church teaching and Tradition. Our Lady at Fatima showed the young seers a glimpse of Hell.  G.K. Chesterton noted that in the end, we all must choose, light or darkness.

Baptism is the entrance into the life and light of Christ, the entrance into a glorious company of friends and lovers of God.  Seek out Baptism, if it has not been offered to you. Call any Roman Catholic parish to receive it.

Spread the word to family and friends. Do not wait to hear such calls from the Vatican or from bishop conferences. Life is short.

Do not be afraid, but do prepare for eternity.

Hail Mary, help of Christians, help us to get to heaven.