Holy Mother, Hear Our Cries

Some times a song (a poem!) expresses that which Catholics feel for the Most Holy Blessed Virgin Mary, and the following song (see link) is an example of such a piece of music. It captures the traditional sentiments of love and trust that the Church has had, and we, her children, too, hold towards this good and loving Mother.

“By means of the human nature Christ assumed from Mary, he became the Redeemer of men. Mary, carrying the Savior within her, also carried all those whose life was contained in the life of the Savior. Therefore, all the faithful united to Christ, are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones from the womb of Mary like a body united to its head.”  ~ Pope St. Pius X (source)

Mary is a mother who is always ready to help those who call upon her.

She is singular in her purity and faithfulness, and no mother may compare to her.

And, yes, we unashamedly call her name a thousand times.

May you have a good day in June.