Kolbe in May

It is the thirteenth day of May, and the month of Our Lady is progressing: peonies are on the verge of blossoming, while rhododendron are in full bloom. In the O.V., the skies have been predominantly blue with an occasional rainy outburst from some rogue clouds. There have been graduations, weddings, wedding anniversaries, May crownings, Mother’s Day events, and First Communions; all things which make up May in Christendom. And, through it all is She, Our Lady: the companion of our lives; the Ivory Tower which does not waiver. I spotted a quote over the weekend on Rorate Caeli from St. Maximilian Kolbe, the great Polish saint, regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, which I thought I would share with you on this Monday in May. It is:

We cannot take rest as long as there is in the world one soul in danger, who does not yet know the Immaculata. Our human frailty, limited resources or any other worldly difficulty must not restrain us; let us confide in the Immaculata, let us place ourselves truly in Her hands and She will continue to win the battles of God, as at Lepanto, as at Vienna. We must place our Lady in every soul so that from every soul sin be expelled and Jesus introduced. Whoever finds the Immaculata, finds Jesus.

The Immaculata is the conqueress of the devil, she is the Mother of God, always united to God, the full of grace, the masterpiece of grace with every holiness and perfection attainable by a human creature. The Immaculata is the one who in Her unbounded and respectful love wills the glory of God, fights the battles of God for overcoming evil, for the triumph of good, crushes the head of hell’s monster and destroys all heresies in the whole world. …

May all nourish themselves on this truth so as to enter into the thought of God who willed the Incarnation to give us much more than what we had lost in Adam, and who in the Incarnation willed the Immaculata to remind us of the innocent man created by God and of the vision of an innocent world, according to the plan of God.

To God all glory, to God our respectful love and our praise, who willed thus to exalt and glorify the Immaculata, Mother of this dismembered and sinful humanity, our Hope, always. (source)

May you have a good day.


~Image: the Tower of Ivory with her Son.