Peonies in May

Yesterday, when I peeked outside on my daily peony check, I caught sight of a slight dab of pink against the blue sky. I knew it would not be long; and, today, it happened: the peonies are in bloom.

Thankfully, they do not disappoint.

They are striking, and are aptly nicknamed, Mary’s Rose.

We look about for God, and He is often found in the smallest of things: the face of a child or in the flowers of the field.

Yes, they are splendidly arrayed like Solomon (paraphrase, Mt. 6: 29).

It is only the twenty third of the month, but May is essentially now complete in my vale, and I have this small flower to thank; and so I do: thank you for returning to our land, little flower of Mary. You make May the envy of all other months. If God gives us any hint of His beauty, grandeur and majesty, it is through you.

Hail peony!

May you have a good day in the month of Our Lady; the month when the rarest of flowers bloom in her honor.



~Image: peonies in bloom, picture by J. David, May 2019.