Philadelphia Peonies

Since I wrote about peonies over the weekend, I have heard from many people who, too, share a love for this beautiful flower. The picture (above) was sent from a friend who resides in the Philadelphia area. The peonies look lovely perched on her buffet with Our beloved Mother, in a seeming final Ode to May!

I hate to see May end.

I want to extend it, but, alas, that is wishful thinking. June is about to push its way onto the scene, and she will not suffer to hear our lamentations on the departure of her predecessor!

But, as if to make one final May-hooray, the Church gives us two feasts today: the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Queenship of Mary. These feasts are veritable treasure troves of meaning. We see in the Visitation, Our Lady reciting her Magnificat, the prettiest poem-song ever heard; we see Our Lady greeting Elizabeth with kindness and love; we hear how St. John the Baptist leaps at the sound of Our Lady’s voice; we see in the cousin-friends what holy-friendship looks like; and in the Queenship feast, Our Mother is crowned Queen of Heaven and of Earth, where she is extolled for all times….the list could go on. It is, literally, one last May, party-of-delights!

But, not wishing to break the bounds of decorum, we shall party in a somber manner. Much of such Catholic “parties” are interior: one feels that a family member has received an award, or something of the sort. There is simply a general happiness in the air, but, you know all that….so, enjoy the day!

And, farewell May: your blue skies, and blooming peonies, were a bright spot in the year, but we hope to keep you about by pulling the blue mantle of Our Lady over the world via the recitation of the Holy Rosary, in order that Our Lady might visit our world today, and be Queen of it!



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