Remember the Goodness of the Lord

“Remember the goodness of the Lord in his treatment of you up until now. He will continue his work of perfection to your benefit. He will continue to pour out abundantly on you not only the oil of his mercy to make you rejoice but also the oil of his power to make you strong to fight successfully. It is said that wrestlers rubbed oil on their limbs to make themselves more agile, more flexible, and sturdier.

Live at peace, because divine compassion is never lacking and certainly will not be lacking to you if you show yourself docile to his divine workings. Do not be stingy with the heavenly physician. For love’s sake, do not make him wait for you any longer. ‘Give me your heart’ [Proverbs 23:26], he is saying to you. ‘Give me your heart, my child, so that I may pour out my oil on it.’ “

St. Padre Pio (b. 1887- d.1968), Italian priest, mystic, and devotee of the Holy Rosary


Picture: copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, painted in 1500, copies are in the public domain, source.   Isn’t it beautiful?