Spiritual Medicine

The following is a bit of spiritual medicine for all of us in the Church Militant from a Doctor of the Church:

“Be not therefore dismayed or troubled but continue to give thanks to God for all things, praising, and invoking Him; beseeching and supplicating; even if countless tumults and troubles come upon you, even if tempests are stirred up before your eyes let none of these things disturb you. For our Master is not baffled by the difficulty, even if all things are reduced to the extremity of ruin. For it is possible for Him to raise those who have fallen, to convert those who are in error, to set straight those who have been ensnared, to release those who have been laden with countless sins, and make them righteous, to quicken those who are dead, to restore lustre to decayed things, and freshness to those which have waxen old. For if He makes things which are not, come into being, and bestows existence on things which are nowhere by any means manifest, how much more will He rectify things which already exist.”  ~St. John Chrysostom (b. 347- d. 407), Doctor of the Church

Thank you, Doctor.

May God bless you this Friday; and weekend, which includes the First Saturday of the month.