St. Alphonsus Liguori in May

We are beginning to move through the mid-point of May, the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Realizing that the days of May are numbered; and the fact that I have yet to share a bit from one of our favorite traditional Marian books, I will do so today. That book is The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori (b. 1696- d. 1787). Today, I am posting a poem that St. Alphonsus wrote, and published, in The Glories of Mary. I think you will enjoy it, as it is a poem which flowed from the heart of this great priest-saint. It is titled, Mary, Virgin of Virgins:

Of all virgins thou art fairest,
Dearest Mary, heavenly Queen:
Of all creatures thou art purest,
Like to thee was never seen.

Thy sweet face is like the heavens,
Full of grace and purity:
Beauty so divine adorns it,
God alone surpasses thee!

Thy bright eyes with love are beaming,
Like twin stars of heaven they shine:
And thy looks are flaming arrows,
Wounding hearts with love divine.

Thy chaste hands, whose sight enamours,
Are like pearls of lustre rare:
Ever full of heavenly treasures,
For all those who ask a share.

Queen art thou, whom all things revere,
Earth and hell, and heaven above;
But thy heart o’erflows with goodness.
Just and sinners feel thy love.

When, ah, when, at length in heaven,
May I hope thy face to see?
When, ah, when?-my heart keeps sighing—
Haste—I faint—I pine for thee!

Souls unnumber’d thou dost ever
Rescue from the Evil One:
Dearest Lady, grant me also
Not to lose thy blessed Son.

Him Who gave us such a Mother
Let our grateful songs proclaim;
Loving hearts and joyful voices
Praise her great Creator’s name!

Glory to the name of Mary!
Raise your voices—louder raise!
And of Jesus, Son of Mary,
Every creature chant the praise!


May you have a good day.