St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales  (b. 1567 –d. 1622) consecrated himself to Mary at a very young age. He remained devoted to her his entire life, preaching and writing about her, and promoting personal consecration to her. Here is one snippet of a thought of his regarding Our Lady:

…how wonderful it is to be the child of such a glorious mother, however unworthy we are. She watches over us, we must go ahead bravely; if we are only the least bit devoted to her, she sees to it that we don’t fail in what we undertake.

St. Jane de Chantal reported that “he (St. Francis de Sales) turned to her (Mary) for everything he wanted and he advised his spiritual children to do the same.”

May we follow the advice of this good bishop and saint, and turn to Mary in all of our needs.