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  • Benedictine Monks Today

    Today, on the First Friday of the month, I am linking to a documentary on the life of the Benedictine monks of the Le Barroux Abbey in France. The film is titled, Watchmen of the Night, and I think you will find it, as I did, to be quite beautiful. I particularly liked the portion of the film which documents…

  • Poetry on the Feast of the Purification of Mary

    Now that I kneel at the throne, O Queen,Pity and pardon me.Much have I striven to sing the same,Brother of beast and tree;Yet when the stars catch me aloneNever a linnet sings-And the blood of a man is a bitter voiceAnd cries for foolish things. Not for me be the vaunt of woe;Was not I from a boyVowed with the…

  • The Fatima Messages Explained

    On this First Saturday of the month it is worth watching a video information session by the Franciscan Mariologist, Fr. Peter Fehlner, on the meaning of the messages of Our Lady of Fatima. The link is here. May you have a beautiful day! •SCF   More information on Fr. Fehlner: link

  • First Saturday

    On the first Saturday of the month, Catholics participate in devotions to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Here is a summary of these devotions from Fisheaters: Mary appeared to St. Catherine Labouré (in 1830, added by SCF) standing on a globe, rays of light streaming from her fingers, enframed in an oval frame inscribed with the words, ‘O Mary, conceived…