The Glories of a Plain Day Redux

It’s a plain day in a plain week,
Not much happening.
I hear the birds,
They talk.
I must get the laundry done.*


*this is a tribute to the generations of housewives who took loving care of their husbands and children without fanfare and drama. May the art of housewifery be returned to the honorable place it once held in our culture.

I posted the above text (in bold) on the first of March in 2018.  The sentiments I expressed there remain unchanged. I hope that the art of housewifery; the love of hearth and home, the love of children and family, might return to our culture, and to our world. Pope St. Pius X told us in 1903 how this (and the restoration of all culture) might be accomplished: by restoring all things in Christ (here).

So, in this Eastertide, the time of resurrections, when green leaves are bursting out, may the love of God reign in our hearts, in our families, and in our homes.

And, to the model wife and mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Hail! 

May you have a good day.


~More on restoring all things in Christ: here.

~Top image: Paschaltide (Eastertide) with K. Anne, April 2022.