The Secret of Mary

“It was to Mary that God the Father said, ‘Dwell in Jacob’, that is, dwell in my elect who are typified by Jacob. It was to Mary that God the Son said, ‘My dear Mother, your inheritance is in Israel’, that is, in the elect. It was to Mary that the Holy Spirit said, ‘Place your roots in my elect’. Whoever, then, is of the chosen and predestinate will have the Blessed Virgin living within him, and he will let her plant in his very soul the roots of every virtue, but especially deep humility and ardent charity.”  St. Louis de Montfort, from The Secret of Mary*

The quote (above) is from the famous book, The Secret of Mary, by the French Marian saint, St. Louis de Montfort. In The Secret of Mary, St. Louis explains what total consecration to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary is, and what it entails.

You may read the book here.

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