The Trinkets

The English Catholic writer G.K. Chesterton (b. 1874- d. 1936) wrote a book of poetry in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is titled, The Queen of the Seven Swords. Dale Ahlquist wrote a piece about this delightful book at The Chesterton Society website which you might read here. Today’s post in The Marian Room is a selection from this book which is titled, The Trinkets: 

A wandering world of rivers,
A wavering world of trees,
If the world grow dim and dizzy
With all changes and degrees,
It is but Our Lady’s mirror
Hung dreaming in its place,
Shining with only shadows
Till she wakes it with her face.

The standing whirlpool of the stars,
The wheel of all the world,
Is a ring on Our Lady’s finger
With the suns and moons empearled
With stars for stones to please her
Who sits playing with her rings
With the great heart that a woman has
And the love of little things.

Wings of the whirlwind of the world
From here to Ispahan,
Spurning the flying forests,
Are light as Our Lady’s fan:
For all things violent here and vain
Lie open and all at ease
Where God has girded heaven to guard
Her holy vanities.

How beautiful!

Indeed, Our Lady has the great heart of a woman which loves, too, the little things (paraphrase from The Trinkets). 

May you have a good day.


~Image: Our Lady holding her precious child, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.