The Walls of a Playground

“Those countries in Europe which are still influenced by priests, are exactly the countries where there is still singing and dancing and coloured dresses and art in the open-air. Catholic doctrine and discipline may be walls; but they are the walls of a playground. Christianity is the only frame which has preserved the pleasure of Paganism. We might fancy some children playing on the flat grassy top of some tall island in the sea. So long as there was a wall round the cliff’s edge they could fling themselves into every frantic game and make the place the noisiest of nurseries. But the walls were knocked down, leaving the naked peril of the precipice. They did not fall over; but when their friends returned to them they were all huddled in terror in the centre of the island; and their song had ceased.” ― G.K. Chesterton (b. 1874- d. 1936), Orthodoxy


Yesterday, K. Anne sent me a couple of pictures of the Easter dresses she was purchasing in the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia for her female offspring. They were pink and blue, bowed, and the epitome of the glorious happiness of girlhood. Just looking at the pictures threw me back to distant days in Maryland when Marian I would take T. Seton and myself shopping, and we would arrive at home with that new dress; and, at the same time, in the throes of the revolution which attempted to destroy the Church and its culture, Easter hats.

Then, the walls were still up; and a Catholic family knew what was what.

The Church revolutionaries, aka, the Modernists, warned about, and chastised by, Pope St. Pius X, were (somewhat) held at bay; but, alas, they were busy behind the scenes, and were nearly successful in dismantling the precious walls of our Catholic life and heritage.

To that: it is today; and, today, I state a firm Hail to the colored dresses of Christendom!

Let us do our part to re-build the walls of Roman Christendom.

Let us be a part of the restoration of the Church by rebuilding Catholic culture.

So, do dress your girls as girls this Easter: in ribbons, bows, hats and colored dresses; not as mini-college coeds. Let’s give up the Communist inspired uniform of black clothing, unisex pants and t-shirts.

Keep the walls up in your Catholic homes, and in your Catholic families.

And, if the walls are a bit weak, or broken: re-build them by returning to that safe harbor, the Roman Catholic Church in an orthodox, traditional parish.

May God bless you today, and may you have a good weekend.