The White Stairway

“My dear little children, when it comes to the Immaculate (the Blessed Virgin Mary, added by SCF), we do not think about ‘small parts’ or ‘fractions’ but we rather run a race all together and, by doing so, every increase in love for her in one of us will produce an even greater increase of love in the others. Our heart is so small, so weak: we never offer her the love with which she is worthy, the love with which she loves us…

An unlimited love for the Immaculate, what does that mean? The Immaculate is so united to God through love that she rises not only above all saints, but also above the angels, the cherubim and seraphim. Therefore an unlimited love towards the Immaculate raises us up to her and joins us to her through love… What is the Immaculate’s unlimited love? Since she is very close to God, and we are very close to her, consequently, we are very close to God Himself through her. God has given us this white stairway and He wants us to reach Him by climbing it, or rather that she, after having clasped us to her maternal heart, may lead us to Him.

Dear little children in the Immaculate, I wish you to be nourished by her with the milk of her graces, that she may caress and educate you as she did with Jesus, our elder Brother, so that He, the Divine Spouse of the soul, may recognize in us those features He Himself received from His Mother, the Immaculate..

Undoubtedly, our imagination tends to make us picture God the Father, Jesus , and the Immaculate as realities that exist among other devotions, as if they were on the same level. Instead, we should think of them as rings of only one chain, each subordinated to the other as different means to only one purpose: the one God in the Holy Trinity.

The more we belong to the Immaculate, the more confidently and freely we can approach the wounds of our Saviour, the Eucharist, the most holy Heart of Jesus and God the Father.”

St. Maximilian Kolbe (b. 1894- d. 1941)