What is Total Consecration?

“Her entire life is a sacrifice. She gives all for that baby Jesus. She gives all for that Crucified Jesus; and she gives her all for the Church. So, her life is one gigantic sacrifice, a living sacrifice.” – Dr. Taylor Marshall, from Episode 15, podcast (link, below)

Consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary, or completing what is called the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, has been endorsed by many popes and saints. It is not a difficult process, and it does not require great learning or a high level of sanctity. It is for the ordinary man. It is for children and families. It is for the young, and for the old.  The great French Marian saint, Louis de Montfort, assures us in his book, True Devotion, that on our deathbeds we shall never regret making this consecration.

So, what, precisely, is Total Consecration?

An introduction to the principles of Total Consecration was recorded in podcast form by Dr. Taylor Marshall on December 12, 2013. In this thirty minute podcast, he explains Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary according to the teachings of St. Louis de Montfort. Dr. Marshall teaches in a manner which is easy to understand, and is quite informative. I think you will enjoy it; the link is here:

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•Image: Jesus entrusted His life to Our Lady, so we do, too ♥

Preparation for Total Consecration According to St. Louis de Montfort by Fr. Hugh Gillespie, this is the book which guides through the process of completing the Total Consecration, purchase here.

•More information on Dr. Taylor Marshall, here.