What Our Ancestors Tell Us About Mary

When the curtains close on this life, we will be ushered into another place, a place Our Lord called a Kingdom.  In that glorious Kingdom, Our Lord reigns as King, and as the Church has consistently stated, in that Kingdom there is a Queen Mother (yet Maiden), and her name is Mary.

We can not see all of this right now. We are in the fallen Eden. However, if we wish to “see” what our Catholic ancestors believed about this topic, then we can take a trip to a local Catholic Church (one built before the 1950’s), and gaze at the stained glass windows. In such windows Our Lady is crowned as Queen.  Our predecessors in the Faith did not picture this august Mother as a commoner running about worried about her Son, questioning God, or chatting it up with the other women at the well.  There have been movies made which depict Our Lady in such scenarios, and there have been erroneous statements issued by church members who seem to wish to bring Our Lady down to the common man.

However, our common ancestors knew with the sensus fidelium that Our Lady was lifted up by God’s design to a royal place, and as such, always lived nobly. She never consented to the least sin. She trusted wholly in God’s will, and served her family and Son with a love we can not begin to comprehend.  Now, from her throne in the Kingdom of Heaven, Our Lady loves and watches us with the same solicitude. The Church has taught all of this. This is not novelty or innovation.

Consecration to Mary is simply giving oneself in this life to the service of this Queen, loving her, and entrusting your life to her. On the day of your death, when you see the face of this Queen, you shall never regret such a consecration (St. Louis de Montfort, paraphrase).


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