Saturdays are Dedicated to Our Lady

Traditionally, in the Roman Catholic Church, Saturdays are dedicated to Our Lady. Why? Because Our Lady never lost the Catholic Faith (which is the faith founded by Jesus Christ, with one tenet being that Christ would, and did, rise from the dead) on that fateful “first Saturday”.  This first Saturday (Holy Saturday) was the day following Good Friday when Christ was closed up, deceased, in a dark tomb. However, despite Our Lord’s death, and apparent defeat, Our Lady did not lose heart. She kept all of Christ’s words alive in in her soul. Our Lord had spoken of His resurrection, and she believed He would resurrect. The flame of The Faith, which is the Catholic Church, burned in her soul; a flame that the darkness all around her could not and did not extinguish. Tradition tells us that she did not lose her faith.

It is hard for us to comprehend how bad the situation looked after Calvary, but it was bleak, to say the least. However she did not waiver.

We owe Our Lady a debt of gratitude for her steadfastness and unwavering faith.  Indeed, this is one of the reasons why all generations do, and shall, call her “blessed” (Luke 1).

Hail Mary!