The Great Novena of the Immaculate Conception

“Moreover, it was meet that the eternal Father should create her (Blessed Virgin Mary, added by SF) in his grace, since he destined her for the restorer of the lost world, and mediatrix of peace between man and God; and thus the holy Fathers name her, and especially St. John Damascene, who thus addresses her. Oh blessed Virgin, thou art born to procure the salvation of the whole world ! St. Bernard says that Mary was already prefigured in the ark of Noe; for as by the ark men were saved from the deluge, so by Mary we are saved from the ship wreck of sin; but with this difference, that by means of the ark few only were saved, but by means of Mary the whole human race has been redeemed. Hence it is that Mary is called by St. Athanasius: The new Eve, the mother of life: Nova Eva, mater vitae. A new Eve, because the first was the mother of death, but the most holy Virgin is the mother of life. St. Theophanes, Bishop of Nice, exclaims: Hail to thee, who hast taken away the sorrow of Eve. St. Basil calls her: the peacemaker between God and men. St. Ephrem: The peacemaker of the whole world.” ~St. Alphonsus Liguori¬†

Since November the thirtieth, the feast of St. Andrew, the Great Novena to the Immaculate Conception has been underway, for it was nine days until December 8th, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. It is not too late to join this prayer with other Catholics around the world. The following details this novena, and explains its history: