Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

Consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary has been endorsed by many popes and saints. It is not a difficult process, and it does not require great learning or a high level of sanctity. It is for the “ordinary man.” It is for children and families. It is for the youth in their prime years. It is also for the elderly as they begin, or are in the throes of, their declining years. As Our Lord said, it does not matter when the servant shows up to work, he will get the same reward as those who worked the entire “day.” So do not worry if you are up in years, or have spent a life of worldly pursuits and sins.  Remember the Good Thief? He obtained heaven in an instant after a life of sin.

So do what the popes and saints have said to do, and consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary.

St. Louis de Montfort assures us that on our deathbed we shall never regret making this consecration.

Here is how it is done: